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Belinda Tayi created Estás Bel
Belinda Tayi created Estás Bel

Estás Bel is a new Australian company specialising in shapewear garments called fajas.

Originating from Columbia, these fajas were originally intended for a totally different purpose. In fact, they were used in hospitals and clinics as post-op and post-partum garments.

Working as a Registered Nurse in Sydney, Belinda Tayi quickly realised after patients who had recently gone for cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) had limited options in relation to post-op shapewear.

Most post-op garments were not only expensive, but they were also decidedly unfashionable.

So she decided to create a brand focused on bringing affordable, trendy, unique and versatile fajas and shapewear to Australian women.

"Colombian fajas are considered the best girdles in the market as they are firmer and stronger than any other girdle available anywhere else," Belinda said.

"Due to their effectiveness, their usage has evolved and now women wear them as part of their everyday wardrobe to create a more shapely and slender look.

From nurse to entrepreneur

"Being able to launch the business as a busy mum and working full time has been an achievement and a challenge.

"Creating this brand has involved late nights, juggling work and motherhood.

"However, through it all, I've single-handedly researched and curated every design to bring you the latest innovations. Estás Bel brings the Columbian ethos of comfort and shape to Australian shores," Belinda said.

"With every challenge birthing this brand, has been an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and remain committed to bringing and maintaining high quality products.

"We sell specific functionally designed garments which are the ideal solution to having a lifestyle full of control and comfort.

"One of the main challenges I faced was finding the right manufacturer to produce the best quality products that were also skin tone inclusive.

"As a woman of colour, having that range of garments in different skin tones was something that mattered to me, and it's also a huge point of difference from other retailers.

Functional yet comfortable

“I believe shapewear should be just as comfortable as it is effective.

"Our fajas are made from the highest quality and most widely used textile technology called Powernet.

"Powernet is known for its resistance and as a fabric, it is highly effective for shapewear. Some of our shapewear garments have butt lifting capabilities, giving women that trendy and desirable BBL look that's so hot right now.

"Generally girdles have lots of health benefits which makes them more valuable.

"They can be worn while exercising because they provide support to your abdomen, pelvis and back which in turn improves posture.

"For post partum care girdles compress and support the abdomen and accelerate healing post child birth by also reducing the abdominal muscle gap (diastasis recti) which most women experience.

"Unlike traditional shapewear, girdles do not expand with use, they are ideal for use after surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Belinda Tayi is the face behind Estás Bel,

“They provide the necessary compression to accelerate the healing process by improving blood circulation and assisting separated tissues under the skin to adhere to muscle. Regular use of girdles can help to redefine curves in a safe and more natural way.

"Besides functionality though, our garments are also comfortable and made with hypoallergenic fabrics that have been infused with Vitamin E to reduce skin inflammation, while also moisturising, nourishing and toning the skin."

Gaining popularity in Australia

"I feel that Estás Bel is a pioneer in this market simply because it is a brand revolutionising the use of girdles and shapewear in the fashion space which is very popular overseas, and has yet to fully penetrate the Australian market.

"Colombian girdles are well known to be some of the best shapewear in other parts of the world; however, Australia has yet to jump on to that wagon, and I'm here to change that," Belinda said.

"My vision for the company is to produce effective and inclusive shapewear, so as to empower women to feel beautiful, sensual and confident.

"The brand aspires to raise the bar for representation and inclusivity, with a goal of bringing innovative skin-tone inclusive shape wear for women look good and feel good.

"When women feel confident with how they look, it brings their confidence level to a new level. It's an amazing feeling to know that this company I've founded can contribute to women looking and feeling confident."

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