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woman about to skydive

Adrenaline fuelled self-care trend is sweeping the nation, with Aussies seeking out adventurous experiences to boost their mental health and wellbeing.

According to leading psychologist Dr Eric Brymer, “skydive therapy” refers to the use of adventurous experiences to help people move past their comfort zones and truly live in the moment.

The trend is backed by new research from adventure marketplace, Adrenaline, which revealed the transformative effects of adventure in making Aussies feel happier (45%), more accomplished (43%) and more self-confident (33%).

The research also showed more than half (57%) of Aussies are suffering from ‘routine fatigue’, classified as feeling stuck in their routine and dissatisfied with the lack of excitement in their lives.

As a result, 77% are seeking adventurous experiences to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

“While it’s commonly accepted that physical activity or spending time outside is good for you, it’s only now that people are starting to recognise the powerful impact of adventure on mental health and wellbeing, with participation rates growing far faster than traditional sports across the globe," Dr Brymer said.

girl swimming with a seal

“For many people, adventure enables them to move past their comfort zones or fears and truly live in the moment, which can be psychologically freeing.

"As a result, Aussies who partake in adventure have reported feeling more capable than they’ve ever imagined, or believe they now see the world slightly differently.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve taken great interest in adventure through the lens of psychology, and this latest “skydive therapy” trend is testament to the fact that it’s important for us all to embrace a life with a little more adventure in it.

"For those Aussies seeking to make life a little more adventurous, I recommend experiences that engage the emotions, immerse participants with nature, and are challenging - like skydiving, white water rafting, shark diving, canyoning and even swimming with dolphins," Dr Brymer said.



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