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With the rising cost of living it’s more important than ever for Aussies to save their pennies and reduce household costs.

One unpaid day of sick leave might not seem too problematic, however costs can quickly add up and further impact already stressed families.

For most Aussies, cost saving measures are already top of mind, but finance expert Canna Campbell said many were not aware of the financial cost of this cold and flu season.

She said people averaged two to three colds a year, and taking in unpaid sick leave and day care costs, that could cost up to $730 a day - or if you need three days to recover, a massive $2,212 per cold.

Families are more likely to be impacted thanks to the way germs spread throughout day cares, schools, and across friend groups.

“While common colds are a part of life, ensuring your family, friends and staff are able to get better as quickly as possible needs to be at the forefront of every Australian this winter to improve overall health and reduce the financial impact," Ms Campbell said.

Melissa Neville
Melissa Neville

Mother and business owner Melissa Neville, knows first-hand just how much a cold can impact a family.

“When we get a call that our kids are sick and need to be picked up from school, it often means we need to stay home from work to care for them.," she said.

"Their germs will usually spread through our family – which creates an endless domino effect impacting our ability to work and make an income.”

For those who don’t work in a traditional corporate setting with benefits such as sick leave, the ramifications of a cold can be even more significant.

Jobs such as trades, contractors, freelancers, and business owners don’t have the same protections or flexibility that other employees may have5. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from lost wages.

How can you reduce the severity and duration of a cold? Some tips are:

1. Resting until you are well. It’s healthier for yourself and your community to stay home until you are better.

2. Consciously using products that relieve your symptoms and actively work to shorten your cold, such as Sambucol and EASEaCOLD.

3. Drinking plenty of fluids, including water and tea.

4. Exercising lightly, such as taking walks around the block.

5. Speaking with your place of employment about how to best manage your leave, financially, such as via carer’s leave, sick leave or time in lieu if available to you.

EASEaCOLD is a range of Australian made and owned, cold and flu remedies that are specifically formulated to relieve symptoms of common colds and flu and get you back to your best as quickly as possible.



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