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Photo: Ludemeula Fernades/Unsplash

As they say, baby it's cold outside! While you may be a fan of a good heater or a warm Oodie, what about your furry friends? Here are four tips to keep your pets warm.

1. Provide adequate shelter: Ensure that your pets have a warm and comfortable shelter to retreat to during cold weather. This could be a cozy indoor area or an insulated outdoor shelter with proper bedding. Make sure it is protected from drafts and the floor and bedding insulates from the cold from seeping in. 2. Limit outdoor exposure: Movement and exercise is really important for pets, however during extreme weather conditions limit exposure to cold weather and monitor your pet closely for signs of discomfort or cold stress. Inside play and training can be a great alternative when you can’t get them outside. 3. Protect their paws! Just like summer, temperature can have a major effect on your pets' paws! Cold pavement, ice, and snow can be harsh on your pet's paws. After walks, wipe their paws to remove any ice, salt, or debris they may have come into contact with. 4. Maintain a warm environment: Keep your home at a comfortable temperature for your pets. Ensure they have access to warm areas, a comfortable bed and plenty of water for hydration. Each pet is unique, so assess their individual needs and adjust these tips accordingly. And if you have any concerns about your pet's well-being during winter, consult with a local vet professional for personalised advice.

Advice provided by the Royal Canin team



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