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One in 10 Australians are prepared to try extreme diets to shed the kilos quickly, a new report has found.

And half the nation (42%) indicated they have or would quit sugar, ditch the carbs (36%), or opt for a juice diet (28%).

One in five (19%) have or would take up smoking, eat only baby food (10%) or consider Ozempic (5%) - a diabetic drug used for weight-loss – while more than a third (31%) would go so far as sleeping for most of the day to avoid food temptation.

The research, commissioned by weight loss brand The Lady Shake, shows 84% of Australians are unhappy with their weight. While more than half (52%) considered themselves overweight, about one in seven (14%) admitted to rarely or never being happy with their weight.

Nutritionist and Lady Shake ambassador Georgia Wendt said: “It's alarming to note the lengths some will go to.

"From adopting extreme diets like consuming only baby food to considering drugs meant for other health issues, the desperation is evident."

Georgia's top tips to spring-clean your diet are:

1. Drink more water: During winter this habit slips by the wayside. Water is essential for so many processes in the body and plays a large role in weight loss. Increasing your water intake above two litres per day makes a great starting point and will have you feeling great.

2. Become a protein fan: Protein is key for satiety and a game changer for weight loss. It has been proven to aid in weight loss and consuming it at all main meals will keep you feeling full until your next meal and assists in reducing cravings and excess snacking.

3. Don’t skip meals: Yes, that's right, stop skipping those meals! Spacing out your meals across the day will help you to lose weight. Skipping meals can actually slow your metabolism, meaning you won't be burning fat. It also affects your hormone and insulin levels, so when you do finally sit down to eat you are more likely to make unhealthy choices.

4. Use your downtime wisely: I’m not lying when I say you can lose the wine bloat without losing all of the wine! Going on a diet doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out the wines. Try and stick to no more than three drinks per week and stay away from high calorie beverages like cocktails.

5. Squeeze in more movement: Exercise is important. It makes you feel great and burns calories. If you can set aside time for a 30-60 minute workout that’s ideal, but if not you can still find time to exercise.

Consider breaking up your exercise to fit your schedule. I recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day so if you do 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and another 10 minutes at night – then you’ve achieved that! It may not seem like much at the time, but everything adds up.

Georgia said feeling overwhelmed and anxious could often prevent people from taking the first step and seeking support in their bid to lose weight.

One in five people don't know where to start their weight loss journey. But the startling fact is almost half of Australians are hesitant to seek expert advice due to embarrassment, fear of judgment, or perceived stress," she said.

“The weight loss journey doesn’t have to be stressful or lonely. In fact, building a supportive network and community can be a powerful tool and should be part of anyone’s weight loss plan.

“It's alarming to note the lengths some will go to. From adopting extreme diets like consuming only baby food to considering drugs meant for other health issues, the desperation is evident.

“Effective weight loss is a blend of diet, exercise and strong support. It's time we refocus on wholesome nutrition and the invaluable support of community networks. No one should feel alone or ashamed on this journey,” Georgia said.



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