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Looking for travel inspo for holidays with your furry friend?  Puppy Tales’ Dog Tales of Australia bucket-list guide of dog friendly destinations will help you find the best holidaying adventures with your barking bestie! 

Victorian dog adventurer and award-winning pet photographer Kerry Martin and husband Sam love travelling Australia with their two furry companions, Keiko and Summer. 

In fact, they spend up to six months of the year traveling to amazing dog friendly destinations throughout the country. 

They even em-bark-ed on a 13-month, 56,400 km ‘lap’ of Australia that was meant for a coffee table book and transformed into a 290-page bucket-list guide of dog friendly travel and destinations Down Under.

“It wasn’t difficult to find pet friendly accommodation in Australia. It was harder to find what to do to have an incredible time with your dog,” said Kerry, who is also editor of Puppy Tales, a website aimed at helping pet parents make the most of life with their fur family. 

Puppy Tales’ Dog Tales of Australia book is packed with real locations, real world advice and real experiences, perfect for when you really want to share some special times with your holiday-bound hounds.

“Whether it’s hiking, paddle boarding or chilling on the beach, taking your dog on holiday adds some challenges, but it's also so much more rewarding and fun!” said Kerry.

“When you’re traveling with your dog, sometimes you let your dog lead the way. It’s a slower, more meaningful travel experience where you can see more and take it all in."

cute white dog

Kerry and her fur family stayed in caravan parks, free camping sites, luxury accommodation, station stays, cabins and at friends' farms. They also explored the best of doggo-friendly attractions, beaches, parks and gardens, the bush and so much more.

Kerry captured more than 100,000 photos and logged more than 140 hours of drone flight to create the collection of photography and fur-tastic memories to illustrate Dog Tales of Australia. 

“We show you the BEST places! Where the locals go, those hidden gems of a beach or stunning view that are off the track!” Kerry said.



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