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Want to help the Big Brothers, Big Sisters support and suicide prevention service? They are hold an Arts Auction Dinner in Melbourne on May 25, from 6..30-10.30 pm.

It's a wonderful opportunity to view and purchase artwork donated by some of the most talented and renowned artists in Australia, while supporting an amazing organisation at the same time.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a young person’s well-being support and suicide prevention service. Their purpose is to provide vulnerable young people, aged 7-17 with long-term mentors.

How it works is the young person and mentor share everyday activities such as playing sports outdoors, sightseeing or simply just hanging out together for a year. 81% of young people reported that having a mentor makes them feel less lonely and isolated by having a caring adult in their lives.

The funding goes towards screening and training the best mentors. Each match (a role model with a young person) costs around $3,000. And our priority is to ensure the safety of young people comes first.

They need to raise funds to help Big Brothers Big Sisters provide safe, reliable adult role models to mentor vulnerable young people and help them reclaim their lives

Some sobering facts:

• 23% social anxiety with environmental drivers eg. covid

• 31% family-driven mental health (domestic violence)

• 31% diagnosed mental health issues

• 15% general need for a friend

Date: Thursday, May 25 · 6:30 - 10:30pm AEST Location: The Pavilion, 100 Saint Kilda Road Melbourne, VIC 3004



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