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man on top of the sydney harbourn bridge

With an achievement that stands as a testament to courage and determination, 47-year-old David, who has Cerebral Palsy, successfully climbed Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge.

Guided by physiotherapist, Elly Grant, from Better Rehab, David's ascent shows the power of resilience and unwavering support.

"This climb is a statement," David, 47, said after reaching the top. "It's a statement that people with disabilities can shatter expectations and achieve greatness."

David's journey to this monumental moment began as a participant of Better Rehab, an organisation committed to transforming the landscape of disability care.

Rachel Brimblecombe, founder of Better Rehab, said:: "We're changing the way disability services are approached. We empower individuals like David to achieve what many believe to be impossible."

Being one of Better Rehab's earliest participants, David embarked on a mission that extended beyond personal accomplishment – he aimed to redefine perceptions and inspire others confronting similar challenges.

Elly Grant, his dedicated physiotherapist, worked tirelessly alongside David, tailoring a rigorous training regimen that focused on bolstering his strength, refining balance, enhancing mobility, and building the endurance required to climb the bridge.

The training, which encompassed intensive physiotherapy sessions and a home exercise program, prepared David physically and mentally for the ultimate challenge.

Months of work culminated in a defining moment. David confronted the 1,332 steps of the Harbour Bridge, each step a testament to his unyielding determination and Elly's unwavering guidance.

The climb to the summit, an exhilarating journey that took about 90 minutes, was a reflection of David's steadfast resolve.

"Together, we redefine the boundaries of possibility," Rachel said.

"David's ascent symbolises the incredible heights that can be reached when determination converges with the right guidance."



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