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most indulgent toastie

Forget the humble cheese and ham toastie - social media star Daen Lia has created Australia’s most indulgent toastie, using incredible French cheese with local lobster.

Daen, one of Australia’s most popular digital food creators with more than 1.2 million followers from all over the world on Tik Tok, said toasties were “a golden oldie, making a grand gourmet return.”

“Toasties are definitely making a comeback,” Daen said. “A sense of nostalgia, gourmet ingredients, gorgeous breads, bubbling cheese caramelising and oozing; toasties absolutely warm the heart.”

Daen has partnered with famous cheese brand Fromager d’Affinois to take the humble Aussie toastie to new heights using a huge amount of creativity and a fervent desire to make food sustainable.

A self-taught home cook, Daen shot to stardom when she showed the world how to make proper crispy potatoes - and the viral response of more than 37 million views and 2.8 million likes inspired her to show the world how indulgent the humble toastie could be.

Daen has created the most indulgent and extravagant toastie of all, the Lobster Cheese Toastie with Le Fromager, a delectable French cheese oozing with rich buttery aromas and creamy flavourful interiors, a perfect luxurious addition.

“There is something so unique about toasties especially when you have a dinner party with left-over cheese and seafood,” Daen said.

“That’s how the lobster toastie idea was born. I created a lobster toastie using leftover cheese which I serve with a creamy, smooth delicious lobster bisque. There is literally nothing better.

“When I was a child, toasties were always a mixture of what you had left over in the fridge and what a way to use succulent lobster, artisan bread and incredible cheese.”

Daen says the French had been making their famous croque Monsieur since the early 1900s, so it was natural to use Fromager d’Affinois, an exceptional, luscious, creamier French cheese which yields a light, smooth, silky, sumptuous texture creating indulgent toastie recipes.

“I love comfort food, generous, indulgent food. There is a certain excitement about using beautiful produce and beautiful ingredients.

“I love that we Australians call a toastie a toastie and not a grilled cheese, a jaffle, or a toasted sammy. The response on TikTok when I put up a toastie recipe was incredible. So many people asked me what a toastie is.”



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